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Boarding update
Forever and a day
How embarrassing!
June already?!?
Spring is in the air!!
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Boarding update

Hope everyone is enjoying this BEAUTIFUL weather we've been having. Just so you're away, we are fully booked up for Thanksgiving at this time.  In addition, we only have a slot left for the xmas season.  Fully booked from the 29th through jan 2017

Forever and a day

Has it really been this long since we last posted??? I guess when you're so busy you get side tracked.  We have been blessed with some wonderful new customers over the past year allowing us to hire help.  
Summer is fast approaching and we are FULLY BOOKED for boarding through beginning of OCTOBER 2016!!!!
We will be closed for all services July 2-24 as all us employees will be taking a much needed and deserved vacation!

Thank you to our all loyal costomers for your continual support! 

How embarrassing!

Has 6 months really gone by since my last blog??? I feel like a delinquent but at least I have a
good reason...we're just so busy taking care of all these furry furballs that there's no time to blog! :)
We had an amazing summer welcoming in new visitors and saying hi to some familiar faces. The fall came and went and before we knew it the holidays were here.  Now we're started a new, wonderful year and we have so many new customers coming through. But first let's say hi to some of the pups that came through the last few months to stay with us and some who have become members of our daily walkers club.

June already?!?

Where does the time go?? I can't believe it's almost June already! We're been super busy (no complaining at all)! We've welcomes a bunch of new customers to our family and we're excited to introduce you to them!

Spring is in the air!!

Finally the sun is out and the temps are getting warmer! People are getting in the mood and planning vacations.  We are fully booked up through 2nd week of JULY!!!!

Snow won't stop us!

Many customers ask are we able to walk in this weather....I think this photo proves we will do what we can to make it happen (keeping the safety of our walkers in mind always of course!)...this is a photo of ME walking a dog who's staying with us this morning. I had to push her along :)


Not only have we been super busy with our walking business but our pet sitting and boarding has exploded!


Over the past few months we've welcomed some new faces to our walker family....Love seeing these pups everyday!

Too long!

I can't believe we haven't posted anything since October! That tells you have crazy busy we've been...so busy that we're recently EXPANDED our areas of service! We are so so very excited and thankful for the amazing show or support and references from all our customers! We couldn't be here without you!
We'll be updating the blog with LOTS of photos of our expanded new family soon....keep an eye out! Lots and lots of new pups that have joined the WTWPC family!

Ready for the holidays

It's amazing how quickly the weeks have been flying by! Business is the busiest it's ever been and with the holidays fast approaching we have been constantly business with boarding appointment. We have bookings into January!
I am so happy to be doing what I love most! Thank you for allowing me to help you all out!
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